Minecraft Challenge

The Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge invites Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from Foundation to Year 10 to discover and explore their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, histories and languages using Minecraft Education Edition.

2021 Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge

Anchored on this year’s National NAIDOC theme – Heal Country and inspired by the Indigital Schools program, the Indigenous designed Challenge is supported by Microsoft Australia, Telstra Foundation, National Library of Australia and the National NAIDOC Committee.

The 2021 NAIDOC theme is a call for us all to protect Country, and to continue to seek greater protections for our lands, our waters, our sacred sites and our cultural heritage from exploitation, desecration, and destruction. If we look after Country, Country will look after us.

This year’s Challenge invites students to build their understanding of Country in Minecraft: Education Edition by recognising our past, understanding our present, and reimagining our future.

The Indigital Challenge is open to all Australian Primary and Secondary schools, and is free. All participating Schools will need access to Minecraft: Education Edition to participate in the Challenge.

Teachers will be supported to participate in the Challenge through the Indigital teacher training platform. Access to the training platform will be provided to registered teachers from Monday 19 July, 2021. The portal includes step by step instructions on how to use Minecraft: Education Edition, as well as lesson plans and Indigenous linked resources for schools to use to help complete the Challenge.

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Check out last year’s winning entry from Kalkie State School located on Taribelang country in Bundaberg Australia.

The Story Behind the 2021 Challenge Logo

The 2021 Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge logo was designed by Laynhapuy Homelands and Yirrkala Bilingual School student, Wilirriya Burarrwanga. Wilirriya is a Gumatj man and lives in Garrthalala in North East Arnhem Land.

Willirriya received second place in last year’s challenge for his interpretation of Djambawal (Thunderman). Following his win Wilirriya was given the opportunity to design this year’s logo. Wilirriya used Paint 3D to create Thunderman who is holding a lightning spear.

“He’s standing and he’s holding thunder… big! He’s big and tall. He makes water calm. Turns it good for hunting.”

View Thunderman in Augmented Reality
Download the Indigital Storytelling App from Google Play or Apple App store and follow the instructions HERE to view Thunderman in Augmented Reality.

The Challenge – Heal Country: Side by Side 

The 2021 Challenge invites students to explore this year’s National NAIDOC theme – Heal Country using Minecraft: Education Edition. Utilising the Challenge resource library and supported by community Elders and teachers, students are asked to respond to the Challenge question:

“How can we ‘Heal Country: Side by Side,’ and build more sustainable communities by embracing First Nations’ cultural knowledge and understanding of Country?”

Using Minecraft: Education Edition, students will work together to ‘Heal Country: Side by Side’ by building a present-day representation of their local Country, alongside another representation of the same area sometime in the future, and the changes that might occur if we heal and care for the land using traditional knowledges.

Important Dates

24thJune 2021 – Registrations open! Primary and Secondary schools can register for free to participate in the Challenge.  Registrations close 30th July 2021 at 5pm.

19thJuly 2021 – Registered teachers will receive access to the Indigital teacher training platform. The platform includes everything teachers need to complete the Challenge in their classroom. The training takes approx 5hrs to complete and must be completed by the 6th August 2021. Once the training is completed teachers can begin the Challenge.

20thAugust 2021 – Entries close. All participating schools need to upload their school’s entry into the submission portal.

23rdAugust 2021 -Judging begins.

1stSeptember 2021 – Winners announced!

Judging Criteria

Each school will be required to submit their journey capture via a short video, and their Minecraft world file that demonstrates students have:

1. Addressed a local challenge (cultural, environmental or social)

2. Highlighted the new digital skills they have learned through the Challenge (via a non- playing character story, signposts within the Minecraft Education Worlds or a Minecraft Education portfolio);

3. and showcased what they have learned about Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Judging will take place from the 23rd August 2021 and include representatives from Indigital, Telstra Foundation, Microsoft Australia, National NAIDOC Committee and National Library of Australia.

Winning Categories & Prizes

In each category one school across all entries will be selected as the winner and take home the major prize.  In addition to the major prize, runners-up for each category will be selected for all States and Territories.

This year’s categories include:

  • Best Minecraft World (Foundation to Year 6)
  • Best Minecraft World (Year 7 to Year 10)
  • Best Narrative (Foundation to Year 10)

Stay tuned to find out what your school can win! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for announcements.

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Registrations for the 2021 Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge are limited. To be eligible to participate you will need to please enter your details below. Upon registering you will receive further information about the Challenge including next steps to get you and your school ready to start the Challenge. For more information about the Challenge you can email minecraftchallenge@indigital.net.au.

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