Minecraft Challenge

The Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge invites Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from Foundation to Year 10 to discover and explore their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, histories and languages using Minecraft Education Edition.

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Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge

The Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge is an annual competition open to Primary and Secondary schools across Australia. Anchored on the National NAIDOC theme – Heal Country and inspired by the Indigital Schools program, the Indigenous designed Challenge is supported by Microsoft Australia, Telstra Foundation, National Library of Australia and the National NAIDOC Committee.

2021 Challenge Winners

The 2021 Challenge saw over 200 teachers, and 6500 students across 160 schools register for the Challenge to build Minecraft Worlds, celebrating the 2021 National NAIDOC theme Heal Country.

Students were invited to build their understanding of Country in Minecraft: Education Edition by recognising our past, understanding our present, and reimagining our future.

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Check out the community STEM project inspired by students at Kalkie State School in Bundaberg, QLD following their win in the 2020 Challenge.

The Story Behind the Challenge Logo

The Indigital Minecraft Education Challenge logo was designed by Laynhapuy Homelands and Yirrkala Bilingual School student, Wilirriya Burarrwanga. Wilirriya is a Gumatj man and lives in Garrthalala in North East Arnhem Land.

Willirriya received second place in last year’s challenge for his interpretation of Djambawal (Thunderman). Following his win Wilirriya was given the opportunity to design this year’s logo. Wilirriya used Paint 3D to create Thunderman who is holding a lightning spear.

“He’s standing and he’s holding thunder… big! He’s big and tall. He makes water calm. Turns it good for hunting.”

View Thunderman in Augmented Reality
Download the Indigital Storytelling App from Google Play or Apple App store and follow the instructions HERE to view Thunderman in Augmented Reality.

The Challenge – Heal Country: Side by Side 

The 2021 Challenge invited students to explore the 2021 National NAIDOC theme – Heal Country using Minecraft: Education Edition. Utilising the Challenge resource library and supported by community Elders and teachers, students were asked to respond to the Challenge question:

“How can we ‘Heal Country: Side by Side,’ and build more sustainable communities by embracing First Nations’ cultural knowledge and understanding of Country?”

Using Minecraft: Education Edition, students worked together to ‘Heal Country: Side by Side’ by building a present-day representation of their local Country, alongside another representation of the same area sometime in the future, and the changes that might occur if we heal and care for the land using traditional knowledges.


Categories & Prizes

The 2021 categories included:

  • Best Minecraft World (Foundation to Year 6)
  • Best Minecraft World (Year 7 to Year 10)
  • Best Narrative (Foundation to Year 10)

You can view a full list of the 2021 runners-up, finalists and winners and the amazing list of prizes here.

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