Indigital Schools is an Indigenous-designed digital skills training program for Primary and Secondary school teachers and students.

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Indigital is Australia's first Indigenous EdTech company that offers Indigenous-designed digital skills training for K-12 students and educators in metaverse-bridging technologies.

"I’m learning new skills for the future I want to build."

Jasmine Griffiths
Yr 5 Student

What is Indigital Schools?

Indigital Schools is an Indigenous-designed digital skills training program for primary and secondary school students and educators. It enables learners to connect with and learn from Elders about cultural knowledge, history and language, while learning digital skills in metaverse-bridging technologies. The program is:

  • Future-focused
    Building digital skills and cultural competency.
  • Curriculum-linked
    Resources and lessons are developed by industry leaders and are curriculum-linked to key learning areas.
  • First Nations-led
    Content is Indigenous-led and designed in collaboration with Elders and community.

"Not only has the program ignited the students’ passion for science and technology, it has provided them with a deeper understanding of Aboriginal language and culture and introduced them to the soft skills that are fundamental to learning in the 21st century."

Steven Worrall, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia

How it works

The Indigital Schools program consists of eight curriculum-linked workshops delivered in class by teachers. Indigenous Elders share stories, language and cultural knowledge either in person or via our online video library.

Students bring what they learn to life by creating animated characters and stories using 3D modelling software and Minecraft Education Edition. Their creations are uploaded into the Indigital platform and shared with friends and family via animated 3D Augmented Reality on the Indigital application.

Benefits of Indigital Schools

For Educators

Educators build confidence in delivering First Nations content in the classroom, while teaching digital skills using our Education Platform and app, Minecraft Education Edition and 3D modelling software.

For Learners

Through the Indigital Schools program students learn skills for the future, anchored on First Nations ways of knowing, being and doing to create an Augmented Reality experience they can share.


Teachers and Elders can work together to teach Indigenous cultural knowledge, history and language and digital skills to the next generation.


Humans are hardwired to learn and share through storytelling. Kids build their skills to create and share stories with their peers, family and community.


Indigenous children see themselves in a digital future when it’s provided to them through a cultural lens.


Teachers have the confidence to teach Aboriginal knowledge, history and language in culturally appropriate ways through our Elder approved curriculum and lesson plans which link to Australian Syllabus.

Working Together

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island kids can share and celebrate their culture and identity, while, non-Indigenous children build their understanding of and engagement with Indigenous Australian culture.

Problem Solving

Tomorrow’s leaders are sitting in our classrooms today. Kids learn problem solving and digital skills required for a rapidly changing future.

Become a Certified Educator

Indigital Schools Certified Educator Training Program equips educators with the tools, information and confidence to teach digital skills through a cultural lens.

Our self-paced program trains educators in how to use the digital technologies, how to work with Cultural IP and how cultural stories and language can be explored in the classroom.  Certified Educators also gain access to our 5CT Community for ongoing support and mentorship when delivering in the classroom.

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Whether you are a school, educator or Elder we’d love to connect and talk more about the Indigital Schools program.

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